High school curriculum introduction


Around the school’s training objectives, building school-based curriculum system with school characteristics and focusing on the development of students, in order to achieve the goal of “WHERE EAST MEET WEST, Science and Humanities”, build a curriculum platform to promote the common development of schools, teachers and students.


Principles of curriculum setting

a, To realize the school-based curriculum of basic courses, to lay solid cultural foundation for all students to consolidate scientific literacy and humanistic quality, and to cultivate students’ good learning habits, thinking methods and learning ability.


b,Setting up the subject expanding curriculum related to the subject and showing the school characteristics, providing students with a wide range of curriculum resources to meet the students’ personality development and diverse needs.


c,Explore and develop research courses reflecting the characteristics of teachers and students and school characteristics encourage students to study independently, explore and experience actively, so that students learn to learn, and cultivate students’ innovative spirit and practical ability in the process of practice and exploration.


d,Cooperating with student development department, psychological room, Youth League Committee and international curriculum department, we should build a school-based curriculum system with school characteristics and adapt to students’ development, and provide high quality service and broad stage for the students to become useful students with the support of curriculum.