Welcome to the Jiaoke BC Program! We are proud to be a member of the Shanghai United International School Organization.Our school provides students with a world-class education that can lead to enrollment in top universities around the globe! Many of our past graduates have earned entrance and scholarships to prestigious universities throughout Canada, the USA, Europe, and Australia.

Our campus embraces the “East Meets West” philosophy which offers the best of both Eastern and Western education. All of our courses are conducted and assessed in English, ensuring Jiaoke graduates are prepared to pursue their higher educational goals in an international setting.

It is important for all of us to remember our main goal, which is to help our students achieve a high level of English and academic proficiency that will lead to success at post-secondary institutions around the world.

Becoming a bilingual English speaker is challenging; but if students work hard at speaking, listening, writing and reading they can achieve their goal by the time they graduate.

We are very pleased that you have chosen our campus to help fulfill your educational ambitions and look forward to working with you towards graduation.

Toni Wereschuk

Jiaoke BC International School Principal 







Toni Wereschuk