SUIS Jiaoke – BC Program and Positions

For 2023-2024 School Year


The British Columbia Offshore School at SUIS-Jiaoke Campus is dedicated to assisting our students in becoming global citizens. We encourage, facilitate, and teach our students to exhibit high ethical standards, perform community service, act responsibly, display a sense of fairness, demonstrate leadership skills and attitudes, and be accepting of a progressive view of social change, taught within an “East Meets West” context. We are a G09-12 high school program.

Our School Mission and Priority:

Throughout the school and across the curriculum, our priority is student achievement. To accomplish our mission, we envision a true partnership, including parents, students, teachers, domestic school staff, and administrative personnel. Key elements in our success will be a well-equipped, qualified teaching staff that puts students first, exhibits strong and distributed leadership, a passion for learning, and a commitment to the success of every student by fully implementing the British Columbia high school curriculum. Our teaching methods will be based on research and wise practices that allow students to demonstrate BC’s core competencies through various activities.

School Structure:

Our program is one of four programs on the SUIS Jiaoke campus. We are a bilingual school, meaning that we adhere to some of the local regulations and holidays, although we try to balance this with various Western holidays and a different bell schedule.

BC teachers report to the BC Principal, Vice Principal, Head of Academics, and their Department Head. The BC Principal works in concert with the BC International Director and administration from the other programs on campus.

We strongly believe in distributed leadership so encourage all teachers to contribute in various ways around the campus and to work towards becoming Department Heads or other administrators.

Bell Schedule and Teaching Hours (2022-2023 School Year):

Our current bell schedule expects BC staff to be on-campus from 08:30-16:30 and to supervise at least one club a week from 16:30-17:30 (plus any games or club-related events that may take place outside of school hours).

BC teachers teach 3 of 4 blocks per day, averaging around 75-minutes in length per class. Other times on campus are dedicated to meetings, preparation time, and time to work with co-teachers and others in your department.



General Responsibilities:

  • Work with colleagues to support and build the vision, values, and goals of the program
  • Act as a positive role model to our students and other staff
  • Contribute to establishing and maintaining a supportive school culture
  • Work in collaboration with your Department Head, members of your department, any co-teachers you may have, and the administrators to ensure quality teaching and learning in the classroom
  • Work to develop and exemplify fair assessment within your classroom
  • Work with our local homeroom teachers and Head of Academics to ensure student safety and a feeling of belonging and community

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Interpret, deliver, and comply with the BC curriculum in a manner that meets the needs of the program as well as the interests and abilities of our students
  • Provide scaffolding and support to our students, all of whom are Chinese nationals and who are developing their English proficiency along with learning subject content
  • Develop and demonstrate in-depth subject-specific knowledge, along with a familiarity and commitment to fair assessment practices and current trends in education
  • Create an inclusive environment that allows students to demonstrate success and improvement, while feeling safe
  • Plan and deliver well-structured lessons that provide scaffolding from the start of a unit through to the end, and that also provides students with learning that connects throughout the course
  • Utilize feedback from assessments and online platforms to adjust, modify, and reflect on teaching and learning
  • Consider cross-curricular connections to provide students with an enriched learning environment
  • Demonstrate short and long-term planning that is flexible and allows for adjustments based on student needs and understanding
  • Complete all administrative responsibilities such as maintaining attendance and grading data punctually
  • Report student growth and concerns to students, parents, and homeroom teachers, and administration if necessary
  • Contribute to the cohesive school culture through genuine and constructive relationships with staff and students
  • Demonstrate a desire to improve in professional practice through self-reflection and self-development

Department Head Responsibilities:

  • Co-ordinate monthly department meetings with teachers and attend monthly Department Head meetings
  • Liaise with Principal, Vice-Principal, Director of Academics, and staff
  • Work to ensure fair assessment and grading practices are incorporated in all department courses
  • Help to organize and supervise exams, entrance exams, and/or Provincial Assessments (may at times involve a weekend)
  • Help organize ongoing professional development
  • Help with Academic Enhancement
  • Help build a positive school culture
  • Help promote our school goals
  • Help collect and provide feedback on school policy and activities
  • Help promote School Wide Literacy & Numeracy
  • Co-ordinate department resources and ordering
  • Co-ordinate ongoing implementation of the revised BC Curriculum, including up to date Course Overviews, short- and long-term planning, and course offerings
  • Supervise the implementation and department-wide use of WebTESS Gradebook, Microsoft Teams, IXL, and Turnitin
  • Where appropriate, develop and deliver Credit Recovery Work Packages for at-risk or students who have not met the learning outcomes of a given course

 After-School Clubs and Teams

Our clubs and teams contribute to the development of students as well-rounded people, and to the positive school culture that we enjoy at school. Most clubs are student-suggested and -led but require teacher supervisors while students are on school grounds.

Our clubs and teams have different levels of commitment depending on what they are. We will prioritize clubs and teams that support the school as a whole and expect teachers to commit to assisting with these endeavours.

Popular clubs that contribute to the school include our sports teams – Basketball, Soccer, Floor Hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, and Badminton, Model United Nations, our Tracker Project, the Theatre Production Club, Peer Tutoring Club, our newly created Broadcasting and Photography Clubs, and our Yearbook.

Other clubs contribute to student entertainment and happiness within their school lives but require less commitment outside of the school’s club times, so if teachers choose to assist with these, supervision of multiple clubs is expected.

Responsibilities include:

  • Supervision of the students for all clubs during their time on-campus or at school-sponsored events
  • Organization of transportation, competitions, and practices as necessary
  • Attendance of any associated competitions or events related to the club/team

Qualifications and Experience Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in subject-related field
  • Preferred 2-years teaching experience
  • British Columbia teaching certification or the ability and commitment to apply for one (to apply, you would need another recognized teaching certificate or university accreditation in one subject area)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills to facilitate communication with students, staff, and parents

Available Positions:

We are recruiting for a variety of positions in our school, including:

  • Math/Sciences
  • Humanities – Social Studies, Geography, other
  • English – Junior (G09/10) and Senior (G11/12)
  • Arts & Applied Skills – Textiles, Media Arts, Film & TV, other
  • Physical Education

Popular Elective Courses at our Campus:

–          Fitness & Conditioning –          Psychology –          Chemistry
–          Textiles –          Philosophy –          Physics
–          Media Arts –          20th Century World History –          Biology
–          Film & Television –          Comparative Cultures –          Accounting
–          Economics –          E-Commerce –          Physical Geography 12


Interested in learning more about the British Columbia curriculum and how to become a certified teacher?

BC Ministry of Education Website – Curriculum: Curriculum | Building Student Success – B.C. Curriculum (

BC Ministry of Education Website – Teacher Qualification Requirements:


School Information:

Visit us at our developing website: Jiaoke | Canadian BC Curriculum (


Kasmar Angelski, British Columbia Offshore School Representative (

Toni Wereschuk, Principal, Shanghai United International School, (


Location: Location: The school is located in Minhang district, close to both Lines 1 & 12;

it takes approximately 25-30 minutes on the metro to get from the school to

“downtown” Shanghai.