Brown, Chris    Department Head Business-Humanities

Undergraduate degree – University of Calgary

B.Ed. – University of Calgary

I love teaching because it is a very human profession. Whatever the subject we teachers are teaching, we are always teaching people first. We are all human, so teaching is about helping students who are struggling, pushing students to do more, and helping students realize their abilities. In every subject, students can experience the joy of finding out that they can do something they once thought they could not. They can also experience the feeling of being supported when they are feeling bad or when they do not do as well as they wanted. We also feel joyful together when we congratulate each other on our successes.  Facts, methods, and tests matter a lot but more than that if students know they are supported and cherished, they can succeed.


Brunet, Anne

Undergraduate Degree – University of Ottawa

B.Ed. – University of Ottawa

I enjoy working and collaborating with others, finding and creating new learning opportunities for students, as well as helping guide students in discovering their interests. Teaching also allows me the opportunity to discuss and share about my interests: English literature, history, and politics.


Clewer, Matthew    Department Head Senior English

Undergraduate Degree – Wilfrid Laurier University,

B.Ed. – Nipissing University

My teaching philosophy is focused on working with students as a partner to build their skills, knowledge, and confidence in their abilities. My classes are dynamic and offer students the opportunity to become informed citizens ready to take on the world.


Corrigan, Merissa     Department Head Physical Education & Athletic Director

Undergraduate Degree – Memorial University of Newfoundland,

B.Ed. – Memorial University of Newfoundland,

Diploma in Technology Education – Memorial University of Newfoundland,

M.Ed. – Memorial University of Newfoundland.

I have been a teacher at Jiaoke for three years but prior to moving to Shanghai, I had the opportunity to teach all over Canada from the most easterly province of, Newfoundland, where I am from, to northern Canada in aboriginal communities, to west coast British Colombia. I am now in my 7th year of teaching and my focus is on students’ all-inclusive development, with emphasis on an education continuum that fosters safe, caring, and inclusive learning environments. I have always had a passion for hands-on learning, where students are actively engaged and leave my class with a sense of why they are participating and how such things as physical activity are benefiting them. My own involvement in a range of sports, the arts, and recreational activities I know the value of experiential learning. With this understanding I strive to create an environment where each student can reach his or her full potential. I am an active, and adventurous person and I enjoy teaching at Jiaoke as I have the freedom to bring my interests and skills to the classroom and provide students with new and unique experiences.


Cottrill, Gaz

Undergraduate degree –  Keele University

PGCEi – University of Nottingham

I believe teaching is empowering people to think for themselves and solve problems together. Working at Jiaoke means being involved in the growth and development of tomorrow’s youth.


Donnahee, Melanie

Undergraduate degree – St. Mary’s University Nova Scotia,

Bachelor of Applied Science in Education – University of Maine,

Master’s in Education – University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign,

Master’s in English and Creative Writing – Southern New Hampshire University

I consider myself a life-long learner, and as such, I aim to foster a similar curiosity in my students. I look at the student as a whole person, and I believe effective pedagogy equips learners for life in its broadest sense. I like teaching at Jiaoke because of its East meets West approach to student-centered education.


Dunne, Steve   Department Head Junior English

Undergraduate degree –  University of Ottawa,

B.Ed. – University of Ottawa

This is my third year teaching English at Jiaoke, and by far the best part of working here is the wonderful students and staff which make this a supportive, engaging, and positive learning environment and school community.


Fumerton, Sandi       Department Head Arts and Skills

Undergraduate degree – Saint Mary’s University, Halifax,

B.Ed. – Memorial University of Newfoundland,

Diploma in Technology – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Teaching is a family profession. I was inspired by my father’s influence in our community. I was determined to follow in his footsteps after witnessing how many people he reached.
Godkin, Mary Anne

Undergraduate degree – University of Prince Edward Island,

B.Ed. – University of Prince Edward Island,

Master’s of Counselling Psychology – Yorkville University

I became a teacher because I wanted to help students reach their potential, like how my teachers helped me. I love teaching at Jiaoke because of the importance that is placed on the students’ education and well-being.


Hanukov, Nick

Undergraduate degree – York University,

B.Ed. – Lakehead University

I hope to inspire, motivate, and encourage young people to be the best versions of themselves through teaching, coaching, and mentoring. It is my belief that every student can learn and that it is the responsibility of the educator to facilitate a learning environment that caters to the individual needs of each student. My favourite part about teaching at Jiaoke is participating in the many school activities that happen throughout the year such as student-teacher hockey games, coaching soccer and taking field trips around Shanghai.
Heney, Matt

Undergraduate degree – Carleton University,

B.Ed. – Ottawa University

I find teaching to be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable career. There is almost never a dull moment. I first realized this was the right career for me when I taught English in Korea. Since then, I have taught at international schools in both China and Vietnam. Being part of an international school community is a lot of fun. I love being able to teach abroad because I also get to learn about and experience a new culture all while teaching subjects I am passionate about. Jiaoke has an amazing student and staff community that I am excited to be a part of.


Hu, Jerry     Department Head Mathematics

Undergraduate degree – University of California, Los Angeles

In my math class, I always encourage students to ask the “why” and the “what if” questions, because those questions are usually the beginning of a thinking process. Students can thus develop their creative and logical thinking skills, along with their ability to reason and draw conclusions. “I think, therefore I am.” – René Descartes.


Maksym, Dylan

Undergraduate degree – Sir Wilfrid Laurier University

B.Ed. – Lakehead University

Master’s in Education – University of Toronto


Teaching offers an exciting, dynamic, and rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the lives of students. It is a privilege to be at Jiaoke, which fosters a warm and welcoming community, equipping students with the tools and resources for a successful future!


Maxwell, Stephen

Master’s in Electrical and Electronic Engineering – Queens University Belfast

I originally decided to teach abroad as I wanted to explore the world while sharing my knowledge with others. The longer I stayed the more I wanted to improve myself. I believe in a practical learning experience that focuses on problem-based learning and developing the student as a whole, well-balanced member of the community.


McKnight, Evan

Undergraduate degree – University of Alberta

B.Ed. – University of Alberta

I enjoy helping students understand and apply mathematics in practical and meaningful ways.


Phillips, Cole

Undergraduate degree – University of Regina,

B.Ed. – University of Regina

I was fortunate enough to have teachers who helped shape me into the person I am today. They gave me an amazing high school experience. I wanted to do the same for the next generation.


Scott, Jake     Department Head Science

Undergraduate degrees – Memorial University of Newfoundland,

M.Ed. – University of Waterloo.

I was drawn to teaching because I thoroughly enjoy science and how it can be used to explain everything and make the world better. I also believe everyone can enjoy science and develop valuable skills from learning science regardless of what their path in life is. I wanted to be a teacher to help people enjoy science and math and hopefully appreciate the new ways of seeing the hworld and solving problems they give us.


Sihlangu, Rumbi

Undergraduate degree – Africa University,

Master’s degree – Jiangsu University,

Master’s degree – University of Buckingham

I love being a part of the development of children. I believe in a holistic approach to education and Jiaoke offers that in its many academic courses and co-curricular activities. I enjoy travelling and listening to music.


Tarrant, Donna

Undergraduate degree – Memorial University of Newfoundland

B.Ed. – Memorial University of Newfoundland

I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a child. What I enjoy most about teaching is that every class and every day is unique. I love teaching at Jiaoke because the students and staff work together to create a positive school environment. Go Otters!


Jin, Kiwi

Undergraduate degree – East China Normal University

Master’s degree – University for the Creative Arts

I enjoy encouraging students’ creativity and passion for art strongly because I believe that every soul is artistically unique. The act of creating artwork brings me pure joy. Sharing it with Jiaoke students adds so much richness to my world.


Woolfstead, Mandy
Undergraduate degree – University of Central Florida
Master’s in Education – Moreland University
CELTA Certification– Cambridge University
I have taught in China for over 10 years, starting my career at Wuhan University, before teaching at Shanghai University and finally moving to SUIS. To me, teaching is about being a mentor, guide, and classroom facilitator. I believe a classroom should be a safe and inclusive space where students can become self-motivated learners in an environment where they are free to take risks, make mistakes, and grow.
Mcintosh, Riley
Undergraduate degree – Lakehead University
B.Ed. – Lakehead University
CELTA Certification– Cambridge University
“I have been teaching and coaching sports in China for 8 years and have become passionate about helping young people discover the joys and benefits of physical activities. While helping students nurture healthy minds and bodies, we have also had many unforgettable moments of fun and competition. It is my hope that all students leave high school with a positive perception of physical education class and foster a lifelong appreciation for sports and healthy lifestyles.”
Russell, Lindsay
Undergraduate degree – University of CalgaryB.Ed. – Simon Fraser University
My teaching philosophy is that passionate teachers help to develop students who love to learn, and who will become lifelong learners that contribute to bettering the world around us. I believe that the high school experience is an exploration of self, and of finding our place in the world. I enjoy being a part of this journey.Teaching is also about balance to me. Aside from my work as a teacher, I am passionate trtravelerI enjoy photography, writing, and many different sports and active living activities.
Charrier, Jacques
Undergraduate degree – University of ReginaB.Ed. – University of ReginaB.A. (Hons.) – University of Regina
My aim is to help students fulfill their career dreams and become engaged global citizens. With the proper educational scaffolding, all students can succeed, and I am committed to providing this in my classes.
Law, Terrence
Undergraduate degree – University of TorontoB.Ed. – University of Toronto
My teaching philosophy encompasses providing students with a safe, caring, and inclusive environment to ensure that students’ learning needs are supported at school. I believe in giving well-rounded personalized, differentiated instruction daily to provide students with multiple ways of succeeding, which would accommodate their individual learning styles and create meaningful, beneficial learning environments for all students.
Kight, Andrew
Undergraduate degree – Patrick Henry College
“Education is not preparation for life; it is life itself.” John Dewey
After obtaining my undergraduate degree in classical liberal arts from Patrick Henry College, I have taught professionally for more than 8 years in the USA, Uganda, and China. According to my philosophy of education, I understand pedagogy as the modeling and activation of lifelong learning skillsets: critical thinking, creativity, socio-emotional intelligence, diversity, and non-dualistic perspectives. I identify myself as a learning ‘coach’ or academic ‘personal trainer,’ encouraging my students to take ownership of the classroom by customizing the course according to their own group learning needs and interests. A classroom should be a learning ‘gym’ where students have the academic freedom to explore and focus on their own life goals while still having an experienced leader to keep them accountable and encourage them to never give up on their personal dreams.