Shanghai United International School Jiao Ke Campus was established in 1998 and is affiliated to the XieHe Education Center (Group). It has a Bilingual curriculum and an EMW curriculum in the junior high school section. It has a Local stream and a Canadian BC International stream in the senior high school section. This school implements the National Education policy and adheres to the educational philosophy of ‘Explore and develop together through the integrating of Eastern and Western cultures’ and the education-oriented principle. It blends the essence of Chinese and Western culture and education and carries forward the fine traditions of China. Learning from the advantages of the West, learning from others, complementing each other. Respecting differences, providing choices, exploring potentials, and making diversified development, and striving to cultivate students with Chinese sentiments and international outlook, high morality, distinctive personality, solid academic foundation, innovative spirit, interpersonal communication, and bilingual ability in both Chinese and English.